What to put in your travel bag?


Bag-at-You---Fashion-blog---What-to-put-in-your-travel-bag---passport-vogueI love going out on the weekend. A quick visit in the sun, a romantic city tRIP or a family visit is the perfect getaway to relax and recharge. Last month I visited Italy twice and only took thisEAstpak Transverz Suitcase. It’s always a challenge, of course, as you have to make smart decisions to make sure everything fits inside this carry-on Bag, which is not something I’ve developed an extraordinary talent for. But I gained knowledge from doing it and found that I got better at “light travel”. Therefore, I take my changes and share my tips and advice. tips on what to put in your car.

Travel light, live the light, sprEAd the light, be the light.” – Yogi Bhajan

First of all, make sure you have the right equipment. As I told you in theTravel in style with EAstpakitem, this trolley came in handy as this travel Bag seemed to fit a lot more than I thought when I bought it (and that makes packing so much EAsier and more fun). When I Start packing I factor in the quote, focus and think smart, yes this is serious Business! So I always start by grabbing my passport and phone wrapped in Christmas vibes (get a similar Ice Cream boxhere). Obviously I have to bring my beach items: my bikini (have you seen the fringes on my butt, getsimilarhere), a statement Necklace, the small toiletry Bag (which is multifunctional since it I also use it as a Tote Bag when we go to lunch) and a small bottle of sunscreen (watch out for the 100ml restrictions!). When I choose my outfits, I always choose my favorite items as I know these will be the first ones I’ll wear when I arrive, like my colorful skirt when we go out to dinner (shown here) and mydenim shortsDuring the day. And last but not least, I’ll take my favorite read: the latest edition of Vogue.

How do you pack your travel Bag? And do you have any tips for me to make this even more efficient?


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