Summary of April and May blog posts


So I thought it would be fun to try something New on Bag at You: a roundup of all the blog posts published in the months of April & May. Bag at You has a mix of outfit posts, “bag” specific items, and hotspots, mostly posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays. April and May have been Busy months and June will be even Busier, all in a very good way! My Sister-in-law is getting married (hooray) and I’m going to Italy twice. Yes, I’m a Lucky girl and I’ll show you everything on Snapchat (username: @bagatyou). I’m rEAdy for June, and you? What was your highlight of the last few months and do you have any exciting plans for this month? But before continuing, we must reflect. So relax, scroll down and don’t forget to tell me what your favorite post is.

Fashion backpack

Bag at You - Fashion Blog - This backpack can go behind my back

Sky Backpack

Bag at You - Backpack Heaven - Fashion Blog - Featured image

Are you swedish Bags

Bag at You - Fashion Blog - Are You Swedish- Sophisticated Luxury Collection

Coachella Festival

Rocky Barnes Coachella 2015

Oh King’s Day Sack

Bag at You - Kingsday - Koningsdag 2015 - O Bag - Fashion Blog

Mini, midi, maxi Bags

Bag at You Fashion Blog Mini midi maxi bags O My Bag Fly Violet

5 tips to get the perfect outfit and bag for the Festival!

Bag at You - Fashion Blog - Festival tas - Party Bag - Milkshake Unicorn

Six things bras and Bags have in common?

Bag at You - Fashion Blog - 10 things that bras and bags have in common

Campomaggi Bags

Bag at You Fashion Blog - Campomaggi Bags - Wild hair don't care - Favorite dress and black purse

Met Gala 2015 Red Carpet Report

Bag at You - Fashion Blog - MET Gala 2015 - Red Carpet - Best outfits and dresses

MYOMY My black bag

Bag at You - Fashion Blog - MYOMY leather bag - Spring dress and black boots - Zwarte tas en laarzen en lente oufit - big tree

Trendy alternative to plastic bags!

Bag at You - Fashion Blog - Plastic bag pollution and fashionable alternatives

The 12 Best Bags of the Fierce Fashion Festival

Bag at You - Fashion Blog - Fierce Fashion Festival - Marlieke Sanny and Susanne - Tassen

The Magical effect of a leopard bag!

Bag at You - Fashion Blog - Leopard bag never gets our of style

Chanel girl’s bag

Bag at You - Fashion Blog - Chanel Girl Bag

Pharmacia Restaurant in Lisbon

Bag at You - Fashion Blog - Pharmacia Restaurant Lisbon - featured image

Ode to the fashionable fanny pack!

Bag at You - Fashion Blog - Festival Look - Bum Bag and beer

Clutch is the way to go at the Cannes Film Festival!

Liya Kebede in Louis Vuitton

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