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The bEAch is my favorite place in the world! I love the waves, the feeling of the sand between my toes and the wind blowing through my hair. It gives a cerTain feeling of freedom, endless possibilities and maximum relaxation. So when Fima deSignature Photographyasked me where I wanted to take the photos in this Cute Summer dress, NewPolette prescRIPtion sunglassesand one of the favorite Bags, the answer was simple: the bEAch! As you can see in the shots, I was having a grEAt time. And even though the water was too cold, he couldn’t stop it from getting in! So while you’re looking at these photos, I want to tell you a bit more about a new Bag trend…!


Trend: Interchangeable Bag Straps

If designers previously adorned and accessorized their high-end Bags with Pins, key rings and patches, this year everything revolves aroundinterchangeable bagstraps These straps are the new It Accessory and make it a Little easier to switch up and give your bag a new look. This trend is fun, practical, easy and affordable to update your style this season. An eye-Catcher and a really convenient way to carry your belongings.What do you think about this trend? And do you also love the beach?


Photos bySignature Photography


Get the look: Black bag (get a similar onehereand here), interchangeable bag strap (get a similar onehereandhere),Yellow dress,sunglassesandtiearound my ankle.



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