Tailor-made wedding bags for a summer ceremony


If you love Bags as much as I do, you’ll definitely want to wEAr one on your wedding day! Fortunately, as Summer quickly approaches, There is a wide range of Tote Bags, wristlets and crossbody Bags available that will be idEAl for outdoor ceremonies in hot wEAther. If you’re spoiled for choice, here are some of my top tips on choosing the perfect bespoke wedding Bag for your Summer ceremony:


Choose vibrantspectrum colors

A clutch, clutch or clutch Bag finished in a spectrum of vibrant colors can evoke a striking fashion statement when set against a classically styled wedding dress. By choosing a vibrant Summer color, like red, fuchsia, or lilac, and shopPing for a matching Bag and heels in these warm-weather hues, then you can add a bold yet beautiful splash of color that will turn heads as you walk down the aisle. .

Make your Bag something blue

When planning your wedding dress and Accessories, it’s important to make sure you factor in your “something old, something New, something borrowed, and something blue.” So why not combine these factors into one Accessory and make your Bag something New and something blue? In fact, this type of ‘something blue’ bespoke bag has become a popular trend among wedding designers; many of which now feature customizable wedding Bags that can incorporate your choice of Vintage brooches, Buttons and other embellishments in “something blue” hues!

Bag-at-you---Fashion-blog---Summer-Ceremony-Wedding-bags---flowersUse summer ffloral ornaments

To exude effortless summer sophistiCation as you Celebrate your nuptials, why not take inspiration from the style of your floral arrangements? Once you’ve chosen your wedding flowers and table settings, simply add a single-stem boutonniere or wrist corsage that’s been created from the same flowers and stick it onto your favorite clutch or crossbody bag. Incorporating these summer flowers into your wedding attire will elegantly emphasize the unique elements of your floral wedding theme.

Create a custom bag for the familymemories

Custom-made wedding Bags are a great way to subtly incorporate nostalgic memories into your summer ceremony. A simple yet elegant method is to choose a soft white leather bag and adorn it with the Personal trinkets of your choice. For example, many brides have begun creating their own versatile drawstring wedding Bags using lace or fabric from their mother’s or grandmother’s wedding dresses. These sentimental embellishments allow you to inject your own sense of Personality into your wedding Accessories.

Opt for meTalic deTails

Cool and contemporary metallic Accessories are a hot fashion trend for summer 2016. You can encapsulate this sophisticated look within your wedding Accessories by choosing a bag with metallic deTails. Whether you prefer clutches and clutches, wristlets or crossbody bags, by knowing which metallics go best with which colors of clothing, you can look amazing on your special day. As a general rule, ivory dresses are best paired with gold, pure white dresses will complement Silver and platinum accents,while a diamond white dress will suit all kinds of silver, rose gold or Yellow gold metallic accessories. Pair your chosen bag with a stunning set of matching metallic-accented heels for a stunning wedding statement!

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