Men’s bags!


The men’s Bag is up to date in the world of fashion and totally included in the current scene of the streets. The person who argues that a bag is only for the overly fashionable man has been living on another planet for the past few yEArs. Yes, men began to play with fashion and are completing their outfits with this Accessory.

Men have always been a bit more practical by nature. No frills, fine material, durable, timeless yet functional. Almost all high-end and high-street designers crEAted Bags for men. Not only classics such as roBust backpacks, practical messenger Bags, sports weekend Bags or Business briefcases are in fashion, but today a man also carries a stylish bag, a Tote Bag, a purse, fanny pack or handbag. They don’t just choose bags in the less stylish black or green camouflage print, no, the guys go further. The most elegant Prints and the most outstanding colors are used in its Accessories, added with animal print, grEAt hardware, distinctive straps, diverse materials and surprising shapes. Men Start collecting bags so they can vary their look, carry a suItable bag for different occasions and experiment with their style.

And we as Women should be very supportive of it! Not just for the fact that they look amazing doing it. But more because men Started making fun of us, so now we’re dying to borrow their functional appeal. I also collected my favorite men’s bags and made an overview of myPinterest Board. Please go and check it out! However, I also created a small preview below (all iMages come from myPinterest account, the featured iMage

Bag at You - The Man Bag - Backpack

With this backpack, fashion meets functionality

Bag at You - The Man Bag - Briefcase

Look stylish while neatly transporting your laptop in this briefcase

Bag at You - The Man Bag - Statement pouch

The statement bag is obviously also available for men

Bag at You - The man Bag - Sport bag

I found you the perfect sports bag!

Burberry Prorsum menswear fall winter 2015 in london

Yes please, match your other accessories with a statement Tote Bag!

Bag at You - The Man Bag - Folio

This folio is perfect as it completes your clean and streamlined look

Bag at You - The Man Bag - Holdall Robust and stylish

Smooth & RoBust travel bag for your short (Business) tRIPs

Bag at You - The Man Bag - ClutchMan, you go with this clutch

Bag at You - The Man Bag - Holdall

Not every man should be asked to borrow his bag!

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Disclaimer: All images come from my Pinterest account, featured image.

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